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Plasticity is my reaction to a constantly evolving struggle that progressively splinters as it grows, creating calloused social circumstances based on our own unwillingness to accept and admit to our vulnerabilities. It is a depiction of the subconscious thought processes and circular conflicts which create out identities. It is about the awareness and manipulation of these thoughts and ideals to create our own personas and communities. The name Plasticity itself is a reference to the contrast between the fantastic depths of neuroplasticity and the "plastic" passive behaviors that are socially prevalent. The presence of these thoughts in everyday life is something I've appreciated learning throughout the creation of Plasticity and I hope it's something you find valuable as well. You are just as vital to my existence and growth as I am.


released February 22, 2014

Watabou is Travis Jarosz
All compositions by Watabou*
Art by ioekey
Recording by Matthew Morden
Mixing by Travis Jarosz, Justin Vieira, Graham Lapp, and Matthew Morden
Mastering by Justin Vieira
*Track 4 feat Matthew Morden

Many thanks to Matt, ioe, Justin, and Graham for each playing a huge role in the completion of what is definitely a musical milestone in my life. I hope that your endeavors bring you as much fulfillment as working with you has brought me.

Many thanks also to Colin Shannon, Ryan Taylor, Eric Stephenson, Jonah Rusling, Julian Lesse, Nikola Whallon, Jay Watson, Eric Vanbuhler, Seth Weddle, Robert Inhuman, Zach Lockwood, and Noah Borders for all of the immense support and inspiration you've each given me throughout the production of this release.




Watabou Ann Arbor, Michigan

Watabou is the amalgamation of extensive electronic programming, punishing physical externalization, subconscious realization, and constructive manipulation of myself and my art. It is the peak of my artistic externalization and I hope you understand and enjoy it for what it is. ... more

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Track Name: Hydrate
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Regardless that I know it's detrimental

I feel this fluid flowing through my veins
And it may be exactly what it takes
For me to get past this lapse, this peripheral gap
At the cost of my independence

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Fighting with this synergy
Acting like I'm independent
Redirecting benefit
Towards this moral rift
(spirit pouring through based off of what I consume)

Realigning energy
Realizing my addiction
Conscious of jaded efforts
I attempt change
Yet I still drink

Is there any way
For me to ascend
Anywhere above
My current location

The answer always comes
Deep from my subconscious
A transfer made so neutrally
From the cause itself

I will win, I will find myself
When I win, what will winning help
Questioning, but not giving in
I'll ascend, I'll refute the urge to further

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Track Name: Breath Of Fresh Air
I'm reveling in your compliment
I'm Hyperventilating
Ever so consciously
Ever so aware of my own awareness

I can't breathe
Normal air
Lungs react
And I follow

I never let a thought slip by without prior
Critiquing, and assuming judgement
Making it an abstract
Straining outward context as it stands

Manipulating, inwardly debating, and
Struggling just to breathe
To breathe

So I design my state of mind to reflect itself other times
For the confines of what is mine remind me of the finite line
Persisting past plain fortitude
Maliciously and insecure
Outgrown, outweighed, outlasted, and
My troubles sink below this pristine air
Track Name: Impulse
Acting out of implied necessity
So it seems to me
I need to breathe
To breathe and to feed
Off all of the ideas foreign to me
And to have consumed
Past the point of greed
There remains something else I need
Something that I need
My heart invests itself in this
And speaks convinced of urgency

So it seems to me
That I am to obtain what I seek
By impulsive means
Track Name: Lethargy
Awake and staring at the walls as
unfulfilling as it sounds
I cannot concentrate
On anything outside of my own growing lethargy

(I'll) just try
To close my eyes and sleep
And sleep

The foundation of my slumber
Hinges on what could be done instead
Of laying my head down
and wondering what thoughts it will evoke

Though it wont amount to much
Since I've already dreamed

Sweet dreams of love and light
And everything ambiguous that I want

What I need's action not lullaby
Not passive passion

Pushing past my Mismatched reaction
Detaching from distant distractions
Track Name: Neuroplastic Envelope
Turning away from my lethargic mold
Pushing towards thoughts of a meaningful reality
I'll rewire and reconsolidate

Redirect my Neuroplastic Envelope
To transcend this objectivity

Catalyzing ethereal flow
Becoming who I promised myself I'd be
Years ago
Track Name: Null
I'm falling through the conventions of my
Only system setup

Just like mathematics when applied
This is the basis of my monotonous schedule

I try to side against it but I'm

Null and dying from this self-inflicted starvation of all my conflict
I'm in need of depth, I just need some new light

But how can that light just be obtained
If there is anything maintaining
Interest in these digits
Providing structure is a key
but how does that relate to me
I'm seeing past these rigid
Lines that work objectively to find
The human construct that confine
It's concept and create this null
Track Name: Ingrained Social Reflexes
Mind aligned to a meter arhythmic
Pulsating frustration at its stem

I'll waste no time tearing through my
Sense of stability

Gaining pace at a speed still encumbered
Pushing to dissolve my reaction

Words so dispersed at the top of my memory
Trying to climb through this sensory chokehold
It's been twenty long years since the last time that I remember being able to breathe

Endless instinctual defensive properties
Forcing me to fight
Forcing me to retort
Taking me further than I've ever been before

Never letting go
Impulsive and devoid
Of any motion backwards and of anything besides this
Strangulating sequence of natural intent
Keeping me away from self-conception

My own observation
Or so I'd like to think

It's so much more than these (x2)

Ingrained social reflexes

Weighing in with no sense of rhetoric
On my own grounds and opposed to my mind
I will act with confidence self-given
Against all of my past ingrained social reflexes