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Great Log Is Going Down

by Watabou

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Continuum 00:44
Paradigm 02:32
Starry Night 01:16
Pirate Key 01:05


"Great Log is Going Down" was initially uploaded to mediafire as a free demo in September 2009 and was the very first release under the project name Watabou. I keep struggling with whether or not it makes sense to upload it to bandcamp, since it was available on a bunch of blogs/torrent sites for the longest time. Though recently I took a quick peek and couldn't find it anywhere particularly accessible, so here it is in all its glory!

Watabou was a "myspace official" project as of 4/28/09, initially began on a method of creative externalization in a pseudo-metal style to compensate for the lack of satisfaction I felt with metal bands I was in at the time. The idea behind Watabou started a day prior to the first song being uploaded to myspace. It was really dumb and impulsive, I remember grilling hamburgers and thinking "wow it'd be cool to perform music while grilling burgers this summer," thus beginning the cycle of my inability to stick to my own goals and deadlines. The project name was almost "The Great Deku Tree," which would have much more likely damned the project to forever be stuck in the Nintendocore realm, but there was one other small artist with the same name and I decided I'd prefer to find an unused name in a similar vein to the idea of grand sentient nature. However, the story behind me deciding to keep the name while straying far away from the original concept is an entirely different story for a different time/place.

So much has changed since the release of this album, but everything attributed to this project exists because of it. If it weren't for the thousands of plays, the accrued fanbase, and the hundreds of friends on and off of myspace that these songs allowed me to connect with then none of the following works would have ever had the opportunity to come to fruition.

Infinite love <3


released August 1, 2009




Watabou Ann Arbor, Michigan

Watabou is the amalgamation of extensive electronic programming, punishing physical externalization, subconscious realization, and constructive manipulation of myself and my art. It is the peak of my artistic externalization and I hope you understand and enjoy it for what it is. ... more

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