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Coaxial Chaos

from Coaxial Chaos by Watabou

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“Staggering” is the only word I can think of
To describe the sensation of re-emergence from such an unfortunately altered state
Standing up for the first time in what feels like a the very least a few years
And falling right back down before even coming close to drawing my first full breath
Every single moment of this experience absolutely with its own unique agony
But without external reference, so they all end up kinda blending together
And while it it all hurts it’s not fair to call it harsh or unjust
Because I know I’d probably be just as territorial
If I were some abstract embodiment of existential entropy
Or somethin’

By this point I can’t stand the sensation of silence any longer
The piercing pallet of subtle ambience ever-so-slightly reminiscent of that apathetic hell
And that’s all it really it takes to make a difference
When a month ago I spent an entire week as just a simple shell
(The entire week as just a shell)

Resulting in my body being constantly out of breath
Situationally detached from its own physical state
As I reach out to make my own first forward steps
I’m made to feel like that’s simply a mistake

‘Cuz there’s fingers, needles, nails
All heavily compressed together and stabbing at me from the past
With power that I never would have given them when they were here in the present
Differentiations in time and location are just perceptual idioms though
There’s no way you can really plausibly ration out portions of reality like that
So if I feel it now I guess that still constitutes real pain from a real place
And really the sensations are the only things that really force our step

And with my piss-poor track record of sensory interpretation
I find it hard to trust anyone who crosses my path
Not because they’re not authentic or any shit like that
But simply cause that intuition’ s something I’ve always lacked

Though in this time more than ever it feels so much more necessary to at least try
Cuz like twenty fucking fifteen what a time to be alive
Everybody’s problems continuously managing to accelerate and collide
And with them and their chaos our mutual love’s miraculously revived

And with all the common space these problems will probably occupy
It makes sense to keep condensed and maintain reverent understanding
Of each other and to rejoice in our resolutions despite
The regret I have simply that—


from Coaxial Chaos, released March 1, 2019
Matthew Morden - Noise




Watabou Ann Arbor, Michigan

Watabou is the amalgamation of extensive electronic programming, punishing physical externalization, subconscious realization, and constructive manipulation of myself and my art. It is the peak of my artistic externalization and I hope you understand and enjoy it for what it is. ... more

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