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Misplaced Mistrust

from Coaxial Chaos by Watabou

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It can hurt to thoroughly correct ourselves when we are wrong. To acknowledge when we’ve held ideas that weren’t based in truth can feel like pulling teeth straight out of our ego. Obviously the deeper the cognitive dissonance we attempt to resolve, the harder it is to accept; though once we manage to push past the misguided notions we have about what is absolute, the more opportunities we have to learn and grow! When the opportunity is right, reacclimatizing to learning and loving in a way we have forgotten can be the warmest feeling. Pushing past our hardened opinions of ourselves and others for the sake of personal and communal betterment will inevitably connect us with energy and ideas we had been cut off from before, and that energy and sense of renewed connectivity can be invaluable in navigating through existing entropy.

An important thing to remember is that the changes we make for ourselves will not necessarily be reflected in others we choose to associate with. Growth is not linear, and the desire to grow is a personal decision. The hate we refute does not cease to exist just because we refute it, and others will not often choose to simply put down their biases when confronted with dissonance. Even so, it’s necessary to confront hate and challenge ideas of intolerance wherever present. Just as your actions will not convince others to resign their hate, you cannot allow them to destroy your love.


I could not predict
Quite the magnitude of my desire
To rush right in
Conclusions eluding as to why I'm lost
Hoping to regain that love
That I once held universally
Firstly must set aside,
Totally deny

Misplaced Mistrust

Counting backward to unravel the act of passionate progress,
As it's stressed under the weight
Of all of the trauma and the dissension thereof
Hoping to destroy my love

But I can't hate anymore
Nothing to hate anymore


from Coaxial Chaos, released March 1, 2019




Watabou Ann Arbor, Michigan

Watabou is the amalgamation of extensive electronic programming, punishing physical externalization, subconscious realization, and constructive manipulation of myself and my art. It is the peak of my artistic externalization and I hope you understand and enjoy it for what it is. ... more

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